April 2011
To help celebrate the 2011 Canberra and Region Heritage Festival, Acton Walkways will start the year with our largest offering of monthly guided tours and events so far.


Acton has a long history dating back to the early traditional custodians of the Canberra region, whose cultures are among the oldest continuing cultures in human history. Following the arrival of Commonwealth surveyors in 1909, Acton Settlement was to become Canberra's first 'suburb', and remained the administrative and social centre for the next forty years.

With this significant wealth of early Canberra history there are many sights to see and stories to be told. Join us across a range of guided tours, and additionally have your chance to share your own memories of Acton in the ACT Heritage funded project “Sunken Stories of Old Acton".

Please remember to book for all tours, as numbers are limited. Click on the links below for more information.

1. Saturday April 9: Old, Old Acton PART 1


2. Saturday April 9: NFSA Screening and Scones


3. Sunday April 10: Acton Cottages Tour


4. Sunday April 10: Capturing Acton on Camera: Sculptures and Vistas


5. Monday April 11: Acton Architecture Tour


6. Friday April 15: ANU Commonwealth Heritage Tour


7. Saturday April 16: Old, Old Acton PART 2


8. Saturday April 16: Design at Mount Stromlo


9. Saturday April 16: Stories of Acton and Central Canberra, from Ancient Geology to Modern Geography


10. Sunday April 17: Acton Art Deco Walk


11. Tuesday April 19: Acton Architecture Tour


12. Saturday April 23: ANU Designer Dorms


Monday April 18: Share Your ‘Sunken Stories of Old Acton’: Community Session No. 1

Thursday April 21: Share your ‘Sunken Stories of Old Acton’: Community Session No. 2


Photo: The Acton Memorial, erected behind the Acton Peninsula Wharf in 2004 to commemorate the old Acton suburb and its residents. Photo Bradley Cummings

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