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Walks and Guided Tours

“Geoff & I have just loved the walks we have been on with you and your Acton devotees. We have been in Canberra 40 years and your insight has made us even more appreciative of where we live.” (Sue and Geoff Edwards)

“Thanks for the walk today ... David is a wealth of information about the area and his stories helped me to feel a connection to the area.” (Sue Crickmore)

“We could look with new eyes when Allen pointed out areas and told us the everyday stories of the people who lived here.  It is the everyday stories that make the place so special. Thanks again for a great job.” (Maureen Hay)

“It was absolutely wonderful from every perspective, looking and listening and being there.” (Gini Hole)

“We had friends over for dinner on the night, so we told them all the interesting little anecdotes and they were very impressed.” (Ibolya Losoncz)

“A quick thank you - and to let you know how much I enjoyed last Friday's walk.  It was truly informative ... Particularly liked the sculpture garden and story of leaping possums from the yellow box, but all of it was interesting. It really is a lovely place and I will look at it with new eyes when I visit the ARC theatre and have coffee there.” (Anne Tarran)

“I'm new to Canberra and the ANU so curious to learn more about my new home, and I also love walking, so these walks are perfect for me!” (Imogen Mathew)

“Last week in the National Heritage Week Newspaper I found out about ACTONWALKWAYS. That is exactly what I have been looking for ever since I arrived in Canberra in July 2008! Saturday's walk was really very interesting. It is incredible to learn how a very young place like Canberra already carries so much history on its back. I am already now looking forward to the second part of this tour.” (Claudia Melo – Polish Embassy)

“Greatly enjoyed the tours, and the info from the people leading them was very interesting and informative. We will certainly be letting our friends and colleagues know about them.” (Graham and Kathy Hicks)

“Thank you ... for a most enjoyable walk on Sunday and very interesting information about the history of Acton and its buildings.” (Elizabeth Lardner)

“We will certainly be drawing the attention of our friends to your excellent walks.” (Ian and Megan Pearson)

“It's so nice to join you on Sunday's tour. Some of the cottages are on my way from dorm to school, but I haven't noticed their beauty before, however with the history and story of these cottages provided by you, I found they are very lovely.” (Qi Li)

"I have enjoyed all the walks enormously, and I am very happy to have made friends. Acton Walkways is a great concept." (Rowena Ball)

 “A year of great walks - enjoyable, informative and brilliantly organised.” (Maureen and Philip Bell)

“Thanks again to you and Bradley for a most enjoyable and instructive experience.” (Peter Parr)

“Thank you for the Great Walks and Live presentations with Geo Scientists , Architects, Historians and Musicians in 2010” (Rukmanthi de Silva)

“Thanks Kirsty, for two recent very interesting walks. We are never disappointed on Acton walks.” (Judith Wimbourne)

“I have seldom spent so pleasant an hour.  It is always nice to hear an expert hold forth.” (Susan Ford)

“Thank you for organising such an interesting talk yesterday. I am now not afraid of sounding ignorant about abstract paintings!” (Yukali Armstrong)

“A fabulous walk around a garden with history and style … Both this walk and the keyboard walk were truly special experiences” ” (Fay and John Stenhouse)

 “Having spent so many hours in the garden at the Archive and having such great support from my guys and girls that have helped over the years, it is a pleasure and privilege to be able to share our world with your guests on the walks.” (David Norris Head Gardener, NFSA)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the walk today, saw places and learned things I didn't know before, and met some lovely people.” (Anne Davies)

“My friend and I had a really fun and creative time on the walk with you” (Nandika Thapar)

 “A very special session yesterday! The atmosphere was beautiful and the thought and lovely touches which had been put into the session as well as Geoffrey's energy, enthusiasm and detailed knowledge of the subject area made it a superb occasion.” (Sherryl Greathead)

“The walk was great - very informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to joining you on future walks.” (Valerie Dutton)

“I wanted to thank you for the July walks.  I really enjoyed them …  It is good to learn something more about Canberra and its early days... Hope to be able to join you on other walks, it is a wonderful community initiative.” (Elizabeth Lardner)

“Thank you for all your good work in arranging walks. We really enjoy them and have learned a great deal about this corner of Canberra.” (Patricia Woolcock)

“Well done in organising the tours... Many people are talking about what a wonderful incentive it is!” (James Collet)

“This whole idea is a great initiative.” (Ann and Roger Smith)

“Wonderful initiative and web site and walks” (Shane Ryan)

“What a great initiative ActonWalkways is!” (Nisrine el-Mogharbel)

“Thank you for your time and passion with the walks and talks - definitely look forward to more next year.” (Andrew Inglis)

“Keep up the GREAT work.” (Tim the Yowie Man)

“Thank you for organising the film and afternoon tea, and being the kitchen hand as well. My guest, John, enjoyed it too as he is interested in local history ... Thanks again for a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I look forward to an exploration of the basement of NFSA one day.” (Lynn Parry)

“Thank you for yesterday - it was a fascinating documentary!” (Lesley Ellis)

“Thank you for a wonderful morning at the National Film and Sound Archives on Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The scones, jam and cream went down very well.” (Ann Lancaster)

“Thank you most sincerely for arranging the delightful morning this morning at the National Film and Sound Archive.  We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious morning tea offered by Teatro Fellini …The film was just wonderful educating us to aspects of Canberra we didn't know about … Thank you for alerting us to this event and for including us, it was just a wonderful couple of hours.  We were thrilled for you that so many people had expressed interest and attended.” (Jan and Paul Kriedemann)

“Film was terrific, my how Canberra has grown!! One of the most memorable scenes for me was the baby in the enclosed netting to keep the flies away, I know they're bad but gee whiz they must have been terrible back then.“ (Dawn Farran)

“We enjoyed the whole show very much thank you (and want the recipe for the scones).” (David and Pip Fisher)

 “We would like to take the opportunity to thank you very sincerely for your efforts in organising our walks, which we have thoroughly enjoyed.” (Christiane and Pierre)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and hope to make some time for the walks and activities of the group in the weeks and months ahead." (Ehsan)

“My partner & I greatly enjoyed the Art Deco tour.” (Henry Shawcross)

“Thanks for organising the walk for yesterday. I really enjoyed the walk and commentary and hope to join more often.” (Kristina Tan)

“Thanks again Kirsty for a wonderful trip and great company last night.  I thought it a brilliant idea.”(Adele)

“I had a wonderful evening. Enjoyed every moment.” (Ida Fairhurst)

“It was marvellous!!!! And the organisation of the event was simply perfect!” (Grazia Micciche)

“Many, many thanks for organising such a wonderful end-of-year function. It was definitely a great!! Success.” (Sue Wilson)

Sunken Stories Cruises

What a wonderful outing today was - meandering around on the boat, in beautiful conditions, discovering all sorts of interesting pieces of history.  Utterly enjoyable as ever! Thanks – Leanne Thompson

Congratulations on enticing lots of us with your new initiative  … I hope it becomes a regular offering in Canberra, both for us proud Canberrans and for visitors. Good luck with your venture. - Barbara Scott

Good afternoon Kirsty, We have just returned home after our week in Canberra ~ we had a wonderful time. Thanks for passing on Skipper Garnett's contact for a boat ride around the Lake and also a very interesting talk. -  Leah Bracegirdle

[Re booked out] Just shows there is a demand for such tours when people know about them....and there is a quality product … which is certainly what Acton Walkways offer.  – Helen Bennett

My family and I really appreciated all the effort you put into the cruise of Sunken Stories. Allan's photographs certainly brought back memories for me as I had not seen a number of them before.  – Christine Anderson (nee Kaye)

I just want to say how much I enjoyed today's outing on the boat … Allen Mawer was an excellent guide, as your guides always are … The major factor of course in making your walks and events so successful is your warm and welcoming self. – Patricia Woolcock

Thanks so much for a fabulous few hours on the lake and Springbank Island today. Thanks also, of course, to Alan, and everyone else in the team. – Hedda  

Thank you so much for ensuring I had a place on yesterday’s tour, which I thoroughly enjoyed.   Very interesting, entertaining and well run.  I look forward to joining another at some stage  - Lucile Roe

Thank you so much for the most enjoyable tour last Sunday. - Margaret McCay

Many thanks for the tour, we really enjoyed it and it was good to meet someone else enthused about the Old/New Acton area. Look forward to the website photos - great 'aftercare'. - Andrew Trainer

Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent and informative couple of hours on Saturday. Thoroughly enjoyed it - Wendy Ryan

It was a great experience listening to the history and seeing photos before the lake was filled. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was on a high for several days afterwards! Doreen Gottschalk (by phone)

What a lovely and very special trip that was, and the pictures are a good souvenir of a memorable occasion for me.  I especially enjoyed being on Springbank Island and having Allen there to show us where the original house probably stood.  Thanks again for the very special treatment you gave to the McPherson descendants.  It was a great day. – Anabel Macdonald (McPherson descendant)

A most enjoyable tour! – Felicity Chivas

Wonderful tour! Well done as ever! – Leanne Thompson

Really informative. Thank you – Threwals

Yet another outstanding Acton Walkways event! – Ian and Megan Pearson

I really enjoyed the trip. It brought back old pre-lake memories. Thank you! – Jill Dowse

Delightful – Ken Vesperman

Great. Lots of memories – Marian Hinds

Well organised tour thank you – Julia Kowalski

Great! – Don and Sylvia Mountain

Wonderful  - thanks from the Sullivans – Margaret Goyne

Very enjoyable – so informative – Kate and Brain McGlynn

What a great way to spend a lunchtime. Thanks everybody – Lorna Kunz

A wonderful, fun and educational trip – thank you Kirsty – Vicki Murn

A marvelous trip – Claire Truscott

Absolutely wonderful!! Thanks – Jan Hyde

A wonderful, interesting day, thanks – Jenni Kaye

Thanks for a fabulous trip! – Pat Brady

Enjoyed trip immensely - Shirley Kaye

A great couple of hours – well done! – Keith Hyde

Awesome!!!! – Imogen

Brilliant tour, very interesting! – Graham Hicks

Very!! Interesting – Ruth Rodgers

Wonderful as always - Janelle Chalker

Most enjoyable and informative – Narelle Hoy and Joan Pavlich

Very enjoyable – many thanks – Margaret and Michael Thompson

Most interesting, especially as descendants also on board – Angela Plant

Very informative; wonderful having living relatives of settlers (on board) – Trevor Ezzy

Really enjoyed the opportunity to be out on the lake and hearing stories. As Yaralumla kids from the 1950’s we are both very nostalgic about the old river and old Canberra – Elizabeth Howarth (nee Martin) and Gary Dowthwaite

I am so happy to have done this trip – Anabel Macdonald (need Macpherson Smith)

Thank you Kirsty, for linking us to our past – invaluable! – Alice Macdonald

Very interesting – great history – Helen Mackerras and Anthony Glenn Clarke

Great experience – thanks! – Martina

Thanks so much for this opportunity!! Most interesting and informative!! – Lynette Wilson

You have uncovered the hitherto submerged  - a largely forgotten history of our city heart – Tony and Judy Corp

Wonderful – informative and very well put together! Very well run and all so friendly – thanks – Jenny and John Madden

A most interesting and informative time. Thank you – Doreen Gottschalk

Very well done. Most enjoyable – Jan and John Blank

Fascinating thank you  – Lucille Roe

Really interesting. Many thanks – Margaret McCay

Anonymous Evaluations for ACT Heritage

Thanks – great tour!!

Please continue to keep this old info alive. Very important heritage.

Pity I had to wait for the 100th of Canberra to know about these activities.

Incredible job!

Wonderful!! Congratulations.


Congratulations to Kirsty Guster with her enthusiasm, professionalism and great knowledge – I’m very enthused in the area – a joy!

A very well researched event and the weather is perfect at the time which helps a lot.

Keep such a trip going – ever future year.

Great opportunity thank you Acton Walkways and Lake Burley Griffin Cruises.

Keep it going.

All good – very pleasant and welcoming group.

Excellent keep it up.

This is a very interesting event of the festival.

It was too short! … Keep this tour going – it was fantastic!

Absolutely wonderful tour. Knowledge of tour guide was outstanding. Well organised. Big thank you

Worthwhile and informative event. Lovely morning.

Longer cruise with a meal with be good!

Very worthwhile – keep up the great work.

Very good educational tool for our young people.

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