Sunken Stories of Old Acton Exhibition
Take a self-guided tour through our 'Sunken Stories of Old Acton' exhibition. Running for two weeks, it features excerpts from over 30 interviews, and art works from students at ANU School of Art. Please join us to celebrate the end of this 3 year project!

Sunken Stories of Old Acton

When Lake Burley Griffin finally filled in April 1964, it submerged an area of Acton highly significant to many residents of Canberra. Over the course of the past century, farmland, worker’s cottages, sports fields and playgrounds, golf courses, a racecourse, a swimming hole, a tourist camp and a nursery, once existed under the watery heart of the City.

With support from ACT Heritage, the ANU School of Art, and NewActon, ‘Sunken Stories of Old Acton’ takes a journey back - and down - into the landscapes and communities of Acton’s past, sharing stories, reflections and impressions of Canberra’s first ‘suburb’.

The exhibition features video interviews collected between 2011 and 2013 with many Canberra residents who either lived in Acton or have memories of visiting the area. Additionally, during 2013, students from the ANU School of Art Textiles (and Glass) Workshop engaged with the project, creating art works in response to the stories and images of old Acton, and their conversations with past residents. These works celebrate a part of Canberra’s landscape that has changed significantly over the past 100 years.

: Monday 14th April – Monday 28th, April 2014

OPENING HOURS:10am - 2pm on weekdays / 10am - 4pm on weekends.

LOCATION: Nishi Gallery, 17 Kendall Lane, NewActon 
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PUBLIC ENQUIRES: For all enquiries please call 0437 301 390 

This Image: Acton Memorial, photo by Bradley Cummings

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